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Question: Should I stage my home? Answer: YES!!!

Would you put an offer in on this property? Or..............................this property?

Here are 10 reasons why staging your home is a must!

  1. Staged homes statistically sell more quickly and for top dollar.

  2. Prospective Buyers view staged homes as more desirable. It impacts their opinion of the property and their willingness to pay more.

  3. Staging helps Buyers visualize the possibilities of each space. It removes distractions and allows the Buyer to focus on the main features of the property.

  4. Staged homes look incredible in the listing photos and help to grab the Buyers attention. A staged property can create a sense of urgency for the Buyer to put in an offer before someone else grabs it!

  5. Staging can involve purging, organizing, rearranging furniture, deep cleaning and can serve as a preliminary step towards moving. It helps the Seller get into the mindset of emotionally letting go.

  6. Staging helps Buyers to overlook the flaws in a property because all the best features are highlighted.

  7. Not staging your home for sale will only help to sell your competition. Driving those potential Buyers to the properties that are professionally staged and have a great online presence.

  8. Accommodating showings to prospective Buyers can be a daunting task and staging helps to alleviate the stress on the Seller by making sure the property is always in “Show Ready” condition at a moments notice.

  9. Staging helps the Seller to justify the asking price. Buyers are savvy about property values and they tend to regard staged properties at a higher purchase price.

  10. Avoid price drops. The longer a home sits on the market the more likely the Seller will have to do a price reduction. Staging helps to draw attention and bring the Buyers in quickly.

For more tips and tricks on staging your home for sale, contact me for a staging consultation. #StagingSells

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