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We are just weeks away from the Spring Season and warmer weather and you know what that means? Spring Cleaning! Can’t wait to open up the windows and let the fresh air breathe new life into the house!

Many of you might be considering putting your home on the market so now is the time to get started with a thorough cleaning and purging of unnecessary “stuff”. Start with three boxes - one for trash, one for donations and one for recycling. Go through each room one at a time and don’t leave out closets and cupboards. Be ruthless with your editing, your rooms will feel more spacious and inviting and your deep cleaning will be much more effective. Install smart storage solutions in basements, attics and garages to keep your seasonal items and personal keepsakes organized and tidy.

Make sure to pay attention to the small details, Buyers certainly will notice them too! Start with cleaning your windows inside and out. Dust your blinds and dry clean the drapes. You will immediately notice your house looks and feels bright and light. Don’t forget to wash your light fixtures and clean off any accumulated dust. One tiny cobweb lingering on a light fixture can send a message to a potential Buyer about how you maintain your home.

A huge selling feature will be the condition of the flooring in your home. A stained, dirty or damaged floor will focus your Buyer’s eyes downward and away from the structure of the house itself. Steam clean your carpets, tiling and hardwood flooring and make repairs to any damaged areas. Quite often, baseboards are overlooked and they are notorious for collecting dust, so a quick vacuum is a must!

The Kitchen is by far the room in a house that can make or break a Sale. Keeping the cupboards organized and countertops free and clear of clutter is a standard practice when selling a home but many home owners forget to clean their appliances inside and out. This will also help to eliminate odours and at the same time impress potential buyers. Pull out your appliances from the wall and sweep the dust that will have surely collected over time behind them. Spring is the perfect time to change the filter in the furnace and perform a full HVAC maintenance and service.

Make a list and take care of any pre-inspection repairs before they are pointed out to you by your Buyers. The less issues they present, the smoother your transaction will be. Have any paperwork relating to utility bills, tax bills, warranties or surveys on hand and ready if requested.

So let’s get started! Put on your favourite playlist, get your box of cleaning supplies and get movin n’ groovin! A little elbow grease can be the least expensive way to boost your home’s value and get it SOLD fast!

Spring Clean 2017, the countdown is on!


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