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The average staging investment is usually less than 1% of the homes asking price which can generate an 8-10% increase in the homes value in return.

Curb appeal, its the buyers first impression of your home so don't miss this important step in staging. Paint your front door with a fresh coat of paint in an eye catching colour. Urns filled with fresh flowers and a new welcome mat completes the entryway and becomes a focal point for your potential buyers. Make sure the house numbers are visible and easy to see from the road. Don't forget to cut your grass and freshen up your gardens.

Clear out clutter, pack away personal items and let the light in! These are quick and easy solutions to making any room look and feel larger as well as keeping your buyers focused on the house itself and not your personal belongings.

Make repairs as required to prevent your potential buyers from offering you a lower price! Tighten loose drawer pulls, oil squeaky door hinges, repair holes and cracks in walls and ceilings, fix all broken appliances and HVAC system, replace any broken glass in windows and repair any missing or worn out shingles on the roof. Above all else, make sure your home is sparkling clean!

Choosing sophisticated and neutral colours with your paint and decor choices allows prospective buyers to see the potential the space offers as well as helps them to envision making the space their own. Edit and rearrange furniture to create easy traffic flow throughout the entire house. Entice people to explore by placing a small interesting vignette at the top of stairways and end of hallways. Show how you can use awkward spaces wisely and extra rooms furnished to show a clearly defined purpose. Remember...Less is more when it comes to decor!

Stage it. List it. Sell it.


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